Month: June 2015

Streamlining Assessment


It feels like an age since I’ve had enough time to myself to reflect on my blog! I’ve definitely missed the process. Not to mention the support of my digital international staffroom. It’s been report season in my neck of the woods with Parent-Teacher night soon to follow. There have been eight assessment tasks to set, check, mark and analyse in as many weeks. In the aftermath of this I have been wondering, “how can I streamline my assessment-feedback system?”.

My solace is found in Google Classroom. I posted an informational post about Google Classroom earlier this year. Since posting, I’ve grown more and more familiar with the App. It has saved me a lot of time organising, collecting and providing feedback on student work in an efficiently paperless solution.


Tasks are added as “Assignments” and turn up in your class’ stream. As students turn in their task the counter in the top right corner goes up. Even if students don’t turn their task in you can access it in the Google Classroom folder in Google Drive. This folder is created and maintained by Google Classroom. It requires no fiddling from you but you can change things around if you want to.

By clicking the task title, you can access all turned in work and grade it. There are grading and non grading options.


My favourite feature is that you are able to comment, add to and return student work. I allow many resubmissions. I think this is important for growth mindset teaching.


I found this was a fantastic way to help students grow their skills and understanding. It also rewarded the students who were more willing to spend time improving their work.

Google Classroom also keeps your grades saved for you. There is a download button which allows you to download any of your assignments onto your computer. I favour excel documents.

Also, being powered by Google Apps, you can access your Google Classroom and Google Drive from any computer. This is a great advantage! You can’t forget or lose any marks.

In this way, I can quickly provide feedback to student work from any location without having to lug papers with me. Students can make changes based on my suggestions and return their work to me. It is convenient to have access to student work wherever I have an internet connection. It makes providing feedback quick and keeps my work and student work organised.

Already a fan? Feel free to share how you use Google Classroom to cut down on your feedback.