Daily Desmos Day 4

Ok so it’s been more than a day but I am excited to share my other Desmos ideas with you!

Desmos offers class activities too! It’s Teacher website allows students to inquire and explore mathematics through interactive activities. One of my favourites is the function carnival.


You are given a class code so that your students work is saved to your account. You see all entries as pictures in the table and can select any for closer inspection.


Student work for each exercise is stored under the activity title visually so you can compare student work at a glance. Function carnivals focus on position-time graphs is great at confronting common student misconceptions by illustrating how time always moves forwards. This is harder to communicate through a static graph or worded example. Here the students experiment and create, and by doing so develop a deeper understanding of the nature of travel graphs.


In addition to function carnival which is beautiful at illustrating travel graphs, the Desmos Teacher activity centre offers activities on functions, volumes and algebra as problem solving with patterns. I hope that they are developing more because there resources are very effective!

In a nutshell, the Desmos Teacher Activities are dynamic, illustrative and student-centered. They are a great addition to your teaching toolkit. Let me know how you find these activities or how you use them in your classroom.


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